It’s been a month since the last progress update, and a couple of significant things have happened in my quest to find out how to get rid of acid reflux – more on these below. During that time my acid reflux has continued more or less as before – nothing during the night and on waking, but returning soon after breakfast with symptoms of discomfort in the chest, and tingling in the mouth and on the lips. This generally lasted on or off all day until bedtime.

I’ve been taking a variety of things to relieve the symptoms. I now regularly chew spearmint gum throughout the day, and I find this is probably the most effective discomfort reliever – it gets rid of acid reflux almost instantly. I’ve also started taking Acid Cider vinegar with meals – a tablespoon in a glass of water – and have found it certainly does provide some relief.

I have been continuing with the Paleo or Primal diet – ie low carbs – as best I can, which has been very difficult at times. I’ve probably lost 10 Lbs in weight, but I know I should be taking in more fat to counter this weight loss (My long term weight has always hovered around the 160 Lbs mark, and with a height of around 6 ft, I can’t afford to lose much from this average). In addition to the primal diet I have been reducing my intake of alcohol – I have given up beer as it comes from grain ( the primal diet), and now generally only have a glass of red wine in the evening, with maybe a little more at the weekends. I have also cut right down on caffeine – both coffee and tea.

Disappointingly my symptoms hadn’t appeared to have lessened significantly, until recently, when I tried Amitryptelene  again, at a dose of 10 mg in the morning, and 10 at night. The change was very noticeable – my symptoms almost disappeared completely. It’s early days on this, but I’ll continue to take it and see what happens.

The other significant thing that happened was that I was referred by my doctor to have a gastroscopy at my local hospital. I have had several of these over of the years, and I wasn’t looking forward to it, mainly because I was in trepidation of the outcome. As it turned out I was completely clear of any signs of acid reflux and ulceration, which was a great relief, but also a surprise, as I had thought that all this acid sloshing about my esophagus must have caused some damage.

Have you made any progress during the last month? Let me know in the comments below.

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