How To Get Rid Of Acid Reflux

The Power of The Mind

It’s a revelation! I’ve been completely free of symptoms for the last month. I wish I could tell you it was down to something which I had done, and I could finally tell you how to get rid of acid reflux, but it wasn’t; it was completely out of my control. And, whilst it was a great relief not to have to suffer gerd, it was a situation I would not wish anyone go through.

About a month ago I paid a visit to my doctor following a blood test. It was a new doctor, and I had consulted her on my acid reflux. I wanted to know whether she had any new ideas about how to tackle it. Before commenting, she wanted to conduct some blood tests. I attended her surgery following these, thinking she would say the usual things about avoiding certain foods, taking PPI’s etc, but what happened next turned my world upside down. She looked intently at her computer screen, and said “Mmm, there’s something here which I think we need to get checked out. Are you planning on going away in the next week or two?” As it happened I was – my wife and I had a holiday booked to Spain. “Well, I strongly suggest you cancel it” she said.

On further questioning it turned out that a particular test showed a raised level of a “tumour marker”, indicating possible pancreatic cancer. When I pressed her for other possible explanations, she was brief and to the point “In my experience there aren’t any”. My mind in a fog, I drove home (I probably shouldn’t have), and there followed a blur of further tests, waiting, phoning,chasing, CT scan, waiting, phoning, chasing and then an MRI scan. A lot of worry, and much wringing of hands. To cut what turned out to be a very long month short, the scans were clear, apart from a “bulky pancreas” which the consultant thought might be pancreatitis.

Bizarrely, I am still free of acid reflux symptoms, despite eating anything and everything I like. I can’t fathom it. The only thing I could put it down to is a different mental attitude. For that whole period I completely forgot about my reflux, because I was absorbed by my other problem. Is mind over matter that powerful? Could this be the key to finding the secret of how to get rid of acid reflux? Let me know what you think, below.

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