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If you are trying to figure out how to get rid of acid reflux,  or heartburn, or you have Gerd (long term acid reflux) I suggest you have a look at “Symptoms” to start with, or jump straight to “Quick Fixes“.

Also, don’t forget to check out “What Works?” – real life experiences of people who have found relief in a wide variety of remedies – both conventional and not so.

Acid reflux is a very personal disease, affecting sufferers in many different ways. Some treatments work well for some people, but not for others, who respond better to different approaches.

There are many, many ways, both drug based and natural, of getting relief from it – but don’t despair if one or more fail to help you – move on and try another (but always under the watchful eye of your physician if you have gerd).

If you feel you’ve tried everything, but are still searching for the holy grail of relief, have a look at our section on “Surgery“.

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